About Us

DST provides high quality advice, solutions and technologies across all areas of Defence operations. Our advice is based on good scientific practice, is independent, unbiased and transparent.

Defence Science & Technology has ten programs of work:

Five of the Programs are under the Platform Warfare Division:

1. Air Warfare

Advancing the Protection of NZDF Aircraft

  • Assurance of aircraft self-protection systems
  • Informed procurement and through life support
  • Reduced combat risk for operations

2. Maritime Warfare

Tactics & Technology to Protect Our Ships & Sailors

  • Fully realise our ship’s self-protection systems
  • Research into advanced sensors, effectors and autonomous systems

3. Land Warfare

Maximise the Safety & Effectiveness of Our Soldiers

  • Armour & protection systems
  • Detection of threats and signature management
  • Decontamination and neutralisation of threats

4. Autonomous Systems

Harnessing the Potential of Autonomous Systems

  • Accelerate Government and NZDF adoption
  • Generate knowledge to support acquisition
  • Counter autonomous threats

5. Space & Navigation Warfare

NZDF’s Research Pathway to Space Domain Operations

  • Surveillance of space activities
  • Space domain interoperability
  • Resilience of NZDF navigation and timing services

Five of the Programs are under the Information Warfare Division:

1. Sensing & Intelligence

Application of AI for Intelligence & Data Collection

  • Understand and exploit artificial intelligence
  • Automating tools and detecting patterns
  • Faster data analysis and enhanced cueing

2. Cyber & Electromagnetic Warfare

Cyber Defence & Radio Frequency Systems

  • Exploring cyber resilience, awareness & protection
  • Novel radio frequency sensing
  • Resilient communications alternatives

3. Capability & Strategic Analysis

Research to Inform Decisions, Planning & Policy

  • Analytical methods to enhance strategic decision making
  • Analysis of emerging and disruptive technology

4. Human Sciences

Understanding Our People: Cognitive & Physical Performance

  • Integration with emerging technological systems
  • Increased survivability in high-risk environments

5. Climate Change & Extreme Environments

Supporting the NZDF through a Changing Climate

  • Understanding the ability of NZDF to respond
  • Adapt to decrease operational risk
  • Compliance with legislation and regulation

Defence Technology & Science and the NZDF/MOD

We are the main provider of research, science and technology expertise and solutions to the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

We are a business unit of the NZDF with facilities at the Devonport Naval Base in Auckland, and some staff are based at the NZDF Headquarters in Wellington.

Our main stakeholders are the NZDF and the Ministry of Defence. We also work with:

  • other government agencies and Crown entities in New Zealand
  • other science and technology providers in New Zealand and overseas
  • defence organisations overseas
  • the wider scientific community (including research organisations and universities)
  • public and private sector organisations and businesses.