Our Values

DST provides high quality advice, solutions and technologies across all areas of Defence operations. Our advice is based on good scientific practice, is independent, unbiased and transparent.

We have a common set of values that help us work as a team to provide the best service for our customers.

Courage | Tū Kaha

We provide frank and independent advice that is delivered without hesitation, even when it may conflict with the status quo. We take the calculated risks that are necessary to develop the truly creative outcomes that best support NZDF’s mission.

Commitment | Tū Tika

We understand and emphasise the importance of commitment to our customers, to our stakeholders, and to our people. This commitment is relected in strong teamwork and in our continuing efforts to provide high-quality science-based outcomes to fulfill our mission.

Comradeship | Tū Tira

Our comradeship arises from a culture of friendship, mutual respect, teamwork and working together towards a common cause. We recognise that it is our combined efforts that deliver the greatest value.

Integrity | Tū Maia

Integrity is the basic value underpinning all we do. It is an essential element of our relationships with each other; it is a crucial contributor to our scientific rigour and our personal and professional credibility. Our integrity is what gives our customers and stakeholders confidence in our work.

Innovation | Tū Auaha

Our innovation and creativity are what enables us to provide high quality advice, solutions, and technologies for NZDF. We continually seek new approaches to produce transformative outcomes.