Introducing Defence Science & Technology

DTA’s new name reflects a new operating model

Out with the old Defence Technology Agency (DTA) and in with the new Defence Science & Technology (DST).

The new name, Defence Science & Technology (DST), has been chosen to strongly align with a recently revamped operating model.

The new title embraces the strong scientific approach and expertise that is the unique value-add the team bring to the NZDF, while highlighting that not all of the work involves technology.

The change to DST will happen over time, in a practical and fiscally responsible manner.

Fresh vision to fit a changing environment

The major change programme underway since the start of 2022 to determine DST’s core mission and how it can best deliver that, has led to a redesign of its operating model, with a new set of science and technology programmes and capabilities.

Put into operation 1 July 2023, the new model’s vision places DST's Leadership at the heart of the New Zealand Defence Force’s (NZDF’s) decision-making, underpinning the ability of the NZDF to operate in an increasingly complex, contested and technologically advanced environment.

The new model focuses on areas where DST brings unique value, like research into Space Operations and Cyber Defence. By partnering more with the wider science ecosystem, DST will scale its efforts and cover gaps in capability. This will enable the team to comprehensively respond to the full spectrum of NZDF’s Science & Technology requirements now and into the future.