New Zealand Defence Force and Us

Our work assists the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) by providing applied research, exploratory development and advice about military technology, force development and operations.

The document Strategy 25 – An Integrated Defence Force sets the direction for how the Defence Force will meet New Zealand’s defence and security needs to the year 2025. It shows how the NZDF will achieve their vision of Joint Operational Excellence, which means the Services will be integrated in the way they work, train and operate (at home and abroad).

Our research, science and technology activities make an important contribution to delivering this vision by:

  • providing scientific advice to support capability acquisitions and operations
  • providing solutions to technical problems as they arise
  • identifying and assessing future technologies to enhance the NZDF’s capabilities
  • developing technologies that provide new capabilities
  • enhancing the use and extending the lifespan of current capabilities.

See more about delivering defence capability on the Ministry of Defence's website.